The Future Of Solar

Solar Panels have become very popular throughout the United States. Americans are doing anything they can to reduce their carbon footprint. With solar panels becoming more popular, what is in store for the future of solar panels? Scientists have revolutionized the solar industry and developed a new form of solar technology called multi-shaped solar panels.

Multi-Shaped Solar Panels

Solar panels have come a long way since their inception. There are three different types of solar panels and they can be installed on almost all types of roof. And as solar panel usage increases, it’s only natural for home solar systems technology to expand and change.

A new solar panel feature we can expect in the future is multi-shaped solar panels called eArche solar panels. These solar panels are special because they can be customized, cut and molded to all surfaces. They can even be customized and molded to curved surfaces.

How does this work? Scientists have developed a breakthrough technology in the form of perovskite solar cells or PSC. Unlike the traditional silicon-based panels, these eArche solar panels are made from a perovskite-structured compound. They are printed using industrial printing technology. eArche solar panels are cheaper to produce since less energy is used when manufacturing the multi-shaped panels versus the conventional solar panels. This helps preserve the planet’s resources, further reducing energy waste.

Future Benefits

The use of eArche solar panels has a number of benefits for both the environment and the consumer. Multi-shaped solar panels are completely customizable to fit any surface. They are super light and ultra-thin. In fact, eArche solar panels are 75% lighter than conventional solar panels. Because of this, they are flexible and easy to work with. Flexibility is a big deal. This new feature allows these solar panels to be fitted to motorhomes, boats, and trains rather than just buildings and homes.

Most importantly, their lightweight and flexibility does not impact their efficiency. eArche solar panels are just as effective as conventional solar panels. And since they can be placed on more types and varieties of surfaces, more people will have access to solar technology.

Perovskite solar panels are still in the testing stages of their development. However, we may see them become available to the public in the very near future. In the meantime, if you’re looking for high-efficiency solar panels, Surf Clean Energy is the place to find them. We work with you to identify the most efficient panels for your home.

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