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Commercial Roof Preparation

A crucial step in the solar installation process for most businesses is preparing or repairing their roof in order to be sure it is suited for a rooftop solar system. The main problem that business owners face is that the majority of solar companies don't provide this service and it has to be outsourced to another contractor, and often this is left up to the business owner to arrange.

The Benefits of Working with a company that handles it all

The Solar Roofers are able to meet a business's needs for both their roof and their solar solution. This streamlines the entire process, reduces costs and complexity, and allows business owners to have peace of mind that they won't have to remove their solar system to fix a faulty roof down the line. With over 60 years of combined experience, we leverage our expertise in both industries to maximize our service to our commercial customers in a way that few solar companies can.

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By combining your solar installation with any necessary roofing work and having it completed by a single company, businesses are able to achieve the best financial performance for the project as a whole.

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Because The Solar Roofers can handle roof preparation, repair, or replacement, we are able to internally coordinate all necessary steps in conjunction with the solar installation. This means less downtime and complications from trying to organize multiple contractors.

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Warranty Security

Since The Solar Roofers are able to handle both the roof and the solar installation placed on top of it, we are able to ensure that we are taking care to protect both. This allows us to stand by our warranties and avoid the risk of voiding roof warranties, a common problem that most solar companies are quick to avoid informing business owners about.

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Step 1
Roof Inspection

Even with the highest quality materials and the best roofers performing the installation, storms and age cause wear and tear on even the sturdiest of roofs. That’s why it’s necessary to have your roof checked and prepared to be sure that it is in the proper condition for adding a solar system on top of it.

Roof inspections are completed by our expert roofing team who knows exactly what to look for when it comes to damaged roofs. We can determine if the roof needs any repairs, or even if it needs to be replaced, in order to avoid hassle down the road for your solar system.

Step 2
Checking The Roof’s Orientation

The orientation of your roof affects how much sunlight your solar panels capture. For example, in the Northern Hemisphere, roofs that receive the most amount of sunlight during the day face toward the south. We will provide a clear plan on how we intend to work with your roofing situation to maximize energy production.

Step 3
Roof Repairs or Replacements

If you do decide to have your roof completely replaced, boy do we have a deal for you! Our sister company, The Metal Roofers, has over 60 years of combined roofing experience. Together, we are able to give you the best in metal (or traditional) roofing, as well as the best in solar solutions, delivering you a roof that will last for decades!

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